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Casanoah Windows is a Florida-based company that strives in providing the best products from around the world. We have our fingers on the pulse when it comes to the latest and greatest developments in window protection, striving to give our Florida customers stylish customizations and peace of mind. At Casanoah Windows, we are dedicated to making your home or business even more valuable with our doors and windows by focusing on fine craftsmanship, innovation, and life-long durability.

We have Florida Approval (codes FL30906, FL30922, FL30923, FL29092, FL29474, FL32506).

The Florida Product Approval Number is set for all construction trades by the state as a measurement to determine if the product meets state requirements including high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ).

NATA Laboratory

Casanoah Windows guarantees that each one of our Impact products has been tested by this accredited testing laboratory. NATA is the authority in providing independent assurance of technical competence and durability through a proven network of best practice industry experts. Below are the tests that our products go through:

  • AS2047 Test Report
  • AZUMA Test Report
  • Bulletproof Test Report
  • Florida Test Report
  • NFRC Test Report
  • WERS Test Report

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Customer Reviews

Got THE container today and already installed some windows they look amazing!! Great quality thank you!! We will definitely order all from you in the future.
Just letting you know that windows are being installed and the builder thinks that they are the best quality that he has seen. Thanks.
The windows are fantastic by the way, the quality is amazing. we are about to put the windows together and install them.
Good news is that we received windows this morning and we have already started installation. I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work and time spent helping us. We are extremely happy with the window quality!! and we will do more business with you again.
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