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At Casanoah Windows, we offer our Florida clients the best of the best when it comes to Hurricane-proof Impact Doors and Windows. We scour the globe to find the latest advancements in home and business protection to provide not only top-notch security but style as well. Every one of our Windows and Doors can be tailored to meet your needs and aesthetic desires. Our team of experts is prepared to help meet your specifications while offering suggestions and artistry to achieve a beautiful exterior for your home or business.

CasaNoah Design Advantages

Main Advantages

Our Impact Windows and Doors are designed to provide our clients with the utmost protection year-round, especially during hurricane season. Our Florida customers know that when they order from Casanoah Windows, they are getting the highest quality material backed by a company that cares. Among the many advantages of ordering through us, we can guarantee the following perks: additional home security from both Mother Nature and home invaders, soundproofing, UV protection, and efficient use of home energy. Many insurance companies will also offer discounts to homes that have fully protected their entrances using Hurricane-proof doors and windows.

If you are looking to reduce the stress and anxiety that comes from not just being a homeowner but being a homeowner in a state with extreme weather conditions, then Casanoah Windows is here to help you.

CasaNoah Design Performance Tests

Performance Tests

With Casanoah Windows being based in Florida, we must provide our clients with the most recent developments in window and door protections, while still offering an array of customization options. We push all of our products through a variety of performance tests through the Australian-based NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) Laboratory. They are the authority in assuring durability and technical competence through a proven network of best practice industry experts.

All of our products also come with Florida Approval (codes FL30906, FL30922, FL30923, FL29092, FL29474, FL32506) which serves as a measurement by the state to determine whether or not the product meets the requirements for high-velocity hurricane zones (HVHZ).

CasaNoah Design Installation Guide

Installation Guide

We know how important it is to have things done the correct way. Whether it be a new installation or upgrading your current windows or doors, Casanoah’s installation process is fairly simple with similar steps no matter what design you go with. When you place your order with Casanoah, we will send out a member of our team to provide your home or business with the installation. However, if you’re more into DIY or have a trusted installer of your own, we will be more than happy to include proper installation instructions.

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Meet The Founders
The Founders

Our Story

Casanoah Windows ethos is providing Florida homeowners and businesses with hurricane-proof impact windows to withstand mother nature's sometimes cruel moods. As a Florida-based company, we truly understand the gift and curse that the Florida weather comes with — unique sunshine that warms the soul, but also the true threat of natural disasters that looms at sea.

There is a common misconception that to have "safe" hurricane-resistant windows, you have to sacrifice aesthetics. What Dr. Ceydeli learned while in search of windows for his Florida home opened his eyes to the fact that one is not mutually exclusive to the other. Dr. Ceydeli's journey led him to international designer — Ben Lin. Together, they have created Casanoah Windows which supplies Florida homeowners and businesses with beautiful windows and doors that not only stand out aesthetically, but will meet the test of time, and any nasty weather that blows towards the Sunshine State.

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Customer Reviews

Got THE container today and already installed some windows they look amazing!! Great quality thank you!! We will definitely order all from you in the future.
Just letting you know that windows are being installed and the builder thinks that they are the best quality that he has seen. Thanks.
The windows are fantastic by the way, the quality is amazing. we are about to put the windows together and install them.
Good news is that we received windows this morning and we have already started installation. I would like to thank you very much for all your hard work and time spent helping us. We are extremely happy with the window quality!! and we will do more business with you again.

  • 01How do I know it is safe?

    Every one of Casanoah’s Hurricane Proof Doors & Windows comes with a Florida Product Approval Number as well as being Miami Dade certified. We put our products through rigorous tests to ensure that your home or business can withstand even the harshest elements that get thrown your way. We also offer multiple customization options that can reinforce your door or window everywhere from the structure to the glass. No matter what your needs or wants are, Casanoah can provide them for you.
  • 02How Much Do Windows & Doors Cost?

    The cost of your Hurricane Proof Doors or Windows will vary on a multitude of factors. When you call to place an order or receive a quote, you will be able to discuss your wants, needs, requirements, and options with one of our knowledgeable and experienced team members. Not only will we meet your specifications, but we will also be able to let you know of any possible options you may have missed or been unaware of. Once we understand everything that you are looking for and how we will be able to provide you with it, you will receive a pricing sheet tailored toward your intended purchase.
  • 03When Can I Expect My Order To Arrive?

    Casanoah prides itself in our ability to provide clients with a quick turnaround for their ordered product, however not every order will have the same delivery period. Your delivery time will be determined by the extent of customization your choose and the amount of product you are looking to acquire, as well as product availability. When you call for a quote or to make a purchase, our staff will be able to give you a pretty accurate timeline for when you can expect your order to arrive. Please understand that while we do everything we can to meet the target date, some factors can come into play when fulfilling orders, especially larger orders. At Casanoah, we always do our best to exceed your expectations, but if we do experience any delays, you will always be the first to know.
  • 04What Are The Materials Being Used?

    From the sealant to the frame, Casanoah uses only the highest quality of materials to ensure the strength and durability of our Doors & Windows. Even though we offer a multitude of options to meet your specific needs, you can guarantee that all of our Hurricane Proof, Impact Doors & Windows will come with at least the following:
    • Coex wire seal to protect against moisture
    • Glass panel EPDM foam weather sealing strip used for better performance and easier maintenance than standard glue
    • Multi-point hardware lock system for weather sealing and burglar proofing
    • Pressure extrusion for higher strength level
    • Reinforced glass fiber thermal insulation bar with high loading capacity
    • Truss structure design for increased structural strength
    We also provide additional customization options to meet your individual needs and requirements. When making an order or checking on a quote, please be as specific as you need to be so that we can provide you with the best options, suggestions, and information for the products we offer.
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